Friday, November 16, 2007

Black Satin Dress

Well, I had a hankerin' to play pundit since I am a card-carrying iconoclast for lo these many years, so I have been fiddling around with a different blog called NewsDive. I am also a bit of a politico at heart. (I love that term.) It is a site devoted to satire and commentary, with a definite liberal slant. The link is in the sidebar. I just wish Blogger allowed people to use two different names/profiles so as to direct traffic to the right blog. It gets confusing. Hope everyone is well. Anyway, below is a poem that was published . . . somewhere a few years ago. Can't remember where.

Black Satin Dress

Cosmic background radiation
hisses from the phonograph
as you dance

in a long satin dress, black,
holding scotch neat,
inviting me with your hips

to feel the irresistible pull
of dark matter
collapsing into a kiss.

A diamond needle spirals
inward to the final groove.
The only sound is a hiss.


Scott from Oregon said...

A poem containing vinyl...

Not quite antiquated, but definately coated in dust...

I wouldn't be afraid to mix your politics with you poetry. A proper mix is always an attraction...

Newsdiver said...

Thanks, Scott. When I wrote this, I remembered the sounds of vinyly records when I grew up. Then I was struck by how much the hiss of a record when the needle is on the inner groove sounds just like the background radiation of the universe--at least to me--that was recorded at Bell Labs decades ago. Yeah, I was going for an old sound.

writtenwyrdd said...

Lovely poem.