Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Picasso in My Bedroom

(First published in Black Buzzard Review, 1999)

The cotton T-shirt was pulled over her head
by isosceles triangles hanging on a plane of shoulder blade.
With the spire covered in cloud,
my eye fell suddenly south
to a flying buttress supporting a nave
and two rose windows in the full bloom of love.
But mostly it was intersecting lines of vestibule
that brought me moaning back to church
and the brown Spanish grotto
where it was hip to be so square.


Shameless said...

Very nice. Brought back memories! :-)

Scott from Oregon said...

How about I just write "way cool" on all your good work? I get the feeling that I'll run out of accolades if I don't settle on just one...

Billy said...

Thanks to both of you! Gonna give me a big head :)

Bernita said...

Very clever.

Billy said...

Thank you Bernita!

Wayne said...

Yeah, very good.

writtenwyrdd said...

Now that's an extended metaphor! Lovely.

Billy said...

Thank you Wayne and Writtenwyrd!