Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting tagged was easier in school

Well, my time was bound to come sooner or later. If I pass this on to you (lest blog gods hurl thunderbolts), think kind thoughts! This is going to be tough since so many of you are sick or recovering from colds and flu. Also, many friends have either just gotten tagged, don't accept html comments, are running contests, taking time off to write, need their latest post to stay on top for a while, are on blog sabbatical, or have been tagged with this one already. Maybe the blog gods will have to exact vengeance on me after all. (If you're busy, I won't tell :) The following comes from Lana, the dreamer who recently escaped the law during her REM cycles.


1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Weird things about myself. I will stop at seven to fulfill the requirements.

1) My mother really did drop me on my head as a baby. It's true. I had nightmares for years.
2) I danced on top of a bar at a Greek restaurant when I was 18.
3) Carley Simon once called to wish me Happy Birthday.
4) I make up words that don't exist but should, such as "merfliction" or "aquaphonia."
5) I used to do a full-body impression of bacon frying.
6) I routinely dressed as Ponce de Leon for Halloween.
7) I refuse to stop believing in Santa. Some things are sacred.

Given those people who fit into the categories at the top, this is the best I can do: Charles and Marja and Sandy and Christine and Scott


Sandy Carlson said...

I'll do it and be back to you. I've done it before (a few times), but the weird things keep popping up. There must be some cosmic force that knows this and keeps bringing this meme back to me! Thanks for including me in the fun.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'd like to see that Bacon frying impression. How much booze does it take to get you to do that? And could you film it for you tube?

Billy said...

Sandy, thanks for being a good sport. So many people have told me recently that they're "on hiatus."

Charles, it only took a few beers. Once you've danced on a public bar, the bacon bit (pardon the pun) is a piece of cake.

Casdok said...

Love your made up words, actually i love your whole list!! :)

Sandy Carlson said...

I'd like to see the bacon, too.
Here are my answers:
Writing in Faith: Thoughts

Janice Thomson said...

Neat list!
I read the bacon one as 'flying' not 'frying' to start with and was going to ask how you accomplished this LOL.
Do tell us your definition of the words :)

Marja said...

I did this one very recently Look here:
Hope you don't mind that I pass this time My head is spinning at the moment and I will have to take a blogging break
I like your answers. Would have loved to see you dancing on the bar. I also love your habit to create new words. Sounds like fun.
Take care

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Very funny. As always!

Billy said...

Casdok, glad you liked my tomfoolery -:)

Sandy, I haven't done the bacon thing for many years ... but after this, it may become my epitaph: "He did an impression of bacon."

Janice, I would certainly rather fly than pretend to be bacon. I love flying dreams. (Never had any dreams about bacon LOL) As for the definition of the words, um ... I think "merfliction" is an affliction stemming from prolonged exposure to mercantile products. As for "aquaphonia," it is the tendency of water to spontaneously sing within twenty days on either side of the summer solstice. I have to go take my meds now -:)

Marja, I understand. As for dancing on the bar ... it's one of those things I can say I did--a very long time ago. I was a lot younger. But maybe we all need things to keep us, as the Sinatra song says, "Young at Heart."

Julie, it was fun. Sadly (LOL), the list of abberant behaviors could have gone on forever.

Lana Gramlich said...

"Merfliction" is a perfectly cromulent word. ;) Thanks for participating. Cool that Carly Simon called you! Congrats for dancing on the bar (everyone should do that at least once in their lives!)

writtenwyrdd said...

I'd like to see the bacon frying impression, too. In the Ponce deLeon costume. I presume this tendency has something to do with the head-dropping?

I'd have no idea how to make a list of seven weird traits of my own. I suppose the weirdest thing about me is my ocd, which I don't reveal because normal-weird just gets "give her her meds Right Now" looks instead of laughs. I'd have to make shit up like synesthesia where I hear the sounds of whales singing and suddenly know the meaning of life or similar!

Billy said...

Lana, Carley was (at one time) the friend of a friend. She hasn't called me lately LOL.

Written, the Ponce de Leon thing had to do with me being a bit of a loon more than anything else ... I got a little ocd myself because my son (a preemie 19.5 years ago) gets far more colds than most. I became a constant handwasher and now am one of the "Purell People."

Lane said...

I didn't take you for a meme (tag) man:-) Ha - now I know who to pass them on to!

Do you mean you don't do the frying bacon thing anymore? Can you do an egg:-)

Billy said...

Lane, I'm not a meme man, but I thought I should have a whack at it since I'd never done it before. If it happens again, I'll find a good reason to pass -:) I'm still learning the etiquette after only four months of blogging.

Sarah Hina said...

I've done #2, too, Billy! But it was actually in Greece...Santorini, to be exact. And I was 22. *gulp*

Loved this list! And glad that #1 didn't have any lingering effects. ;)

Billy said...

In Greece, Sarah? I'm jealous! As for being dropped on my head, I'm not sure everyone would say I've shaken off the effects yet LOL