Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shauna Roberts in BARREN WORLDS anthology

I recently got a copy of Barren Worlds, published by Hadley Rille Books, which features a short story, "Elessa the Restless," by Shauna Roberts. It is a great sci-fi piece in a collection that centers on exactly what the title says: barren worlds. As the editors note, however, "barren" can mean many things. In this intriguing collection, the introduction explains that the "stories span a range of styles from dark to quirky to those of survival and escape." The common thread is that "the storytellers . . . take you into a universe devoid of something and in some cases, to places you'd best avoid." That's enough to pull me in right there.

Every story in the collection is great, and I am very impressed with Shauna's work! She's a real prose stylist. I strongly encourage those of you who like good writing and sci-fi in particular to hop over to Shauna Roberts' For Love of Words to check out her blog and a link to Barren Worlds or go straight to Amazon or Hadley Rille Books. The publisher also has many other great anthologies for sale.

Shauna always has interesting posts and does great interviews with major authors!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pico de Arte

Thanks to Spacedlaw (Nathalie) for the Pico de Arte Award. I am honored! Thank you, Nathalie!

The criteria is as follows:

To inspire others with their creative energy and talents. This can be through writing, artwork, design, interesting material or contribution to the bigger community. It is a special honour to receive it.

I am passing this along to:

1) Lane's Write
2) Eudaemonia
3) An Innocent A-Blog
4) Murmurs
5) Writing in Faith

The badge is also in the sidebar for those who wish to grab it.