Friday, April 4, 2008

Stream of Consciousness Friday

One can't have too many reminders that this is Autism Awareness Month, Please check out the blogs at snoopmurph and also Mother of Shrek to find really great info on autism, as well as blogs authored by parents with the most loving of hearts. I know there are many more such parents--if I have forgotten you, please forgive me.
As many of you know, Dave Kuzminski at P&E is being sued by a publisher and two agents because he had the audacity to do what he has done best for approximately a decade: tell people who's honest and who's not. He doesn't deserve this and is considered one of the straight shooters in the writing community. He is asking for help with his legal defense. You can click on a DONATE button at Preditors and Editors. Even A-list agents don't always act professionally, and Dave's source of info is invaluable.

I started posting some flash fiction a month or two ago, and at the time I supplied a link to the work of David B. McCoy, who, like myself, is a fan of quirky short fiction. Since 1978 he ran Spare Change Press. David emailed me recently after a Google search turned up his link on my blog and told me about his other work. Anyone interested in some good short fiction can find more about David B. McCoy at David B. McCoy and Origami Condom Issues and finally The Book of Scars.

Stream of Consciousness Friday

today we’re playing for a sunbeam grilled cheese maker … friday’s quiz: how many people know what etaoin shrdlu means? … true story: i once almost killed a groundskeeper the only time i played golf … some guy dove behind his truck just in time … an errant ball … speaking of errant balls … better not go there … hello would you like to go to the errant ball tonight … go red sox … i’m not an actor but I play one on tv … mark twain said opera isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds … like most libras i don’t believe in astrology … i once almost had the fillings slapped out of my teeth many many years ago when I decided to see if the produce section really was the place where singles met … “how can you tell if they’re ripe?” says i … i wonder if she knew how to make errant melon balls … let’s have some animation again … enough with the pixar stuff already … well, the nurse says I have to go to the day room for my meds … so long until next post … good night errant good night john boy


Jo said...

wow, lots going on here today, thanks for the info. I love the s of consciousness, I wonder what would happen if I tried that, I might just do that.

Lisa said...

Oh my God! Now I know what Scott feels like when I try to talk to him about something that got my attention and then made me think of...well, you get the idea. Very cool!

And I'm glad you mentioned Autism month. I have two good friends with autistic kids and the other night I watched "Autism, the Musical" on HBO. It was really good. My friend Kristen is at From Here to There and Back (link at my place) and not only does she do some great posts about life with her husband and six year old son, who is "on the spectrum", but she is a really great writer.

Have a great weekend and great comment at my place --- you'll have me thinking all weekend!

Lana Gramlich said...

My stream of consciousness today so far has been; "the weekend's almost here, the weekend's almost here, the weekend's almost here," ad infinitum. *L* Hope yours goes well, too. ;)

Raven said...

liked your stream of consciousness... I named you for an E for Excellence award even though you already have one. I think you deserve it.

SnoopMurph said...

Hi there-

A million thanks for posting about autism awareness and I so appreciate your words about me and my family. Thank you for sharing us with your readers.

I am looking forward to reading some David B. McCoy. I am a huge fan of short fiction and thank you for the links. I'll check him out.

Lane said...

Like most Libras, I liked this errant, ballsy stream of consciousness post and I now know what 'etaoin shrdlu' means:-)

Thanks for the interesting links too:-)

(I'm now trying to remember all the names of The Walton kids without the aid of google:-)

Billy said...

JO, you'd be a natural. Try it out!

Lisa, thanks. I think we all do a little stream of c. every day without knowing it. Glad you liked my weighty, philosophical response -:)

Lana, the weekend, the best time for letting the mind wander. I agree !!!! -:)

raven, wow, thanks! You are too kind. Bless you!

Linda, you're most welcome. And McCoy is good, though a bit off the beaten path. I love quirky stuff.

Lane, I'm going to go from memory here: John Boy, Jason (?), Erin, Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, and (Jim) Bob. I loved the Grandfather, Will Geer, who was a big union organizer and semi-communist in the 30s and 40s with Guthrie and Pete Seeger. He met with Dylan a few times I believe.

raine said... most libras i don’t believe in astrology …

Oh that's very good, lol. ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Rising blogger had a post of the day today about autism. Very powerful.

Enjoyed the STream of consciousness.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

First visit to your blog and love your stream of consciousness - a perfect reason to ramble through one's mind, one's week, one's memories! Great stuff!

the teach said...

Sorry, Billy, tried to find your Wordzzle Challenge but couldn't... Have a nice weekend. :) Mine's up at Answers to the Questions

Billy said...

raine, you'd be amazed at how many people don't get that joke :)

Charles, I was hooked on "stream" since Joyce's Portait of an Artist.

atyllah, welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

tecah, thanks, and have a great weekend.

TomCat said...

Thanks for doing this, Billy. A worthy cause.

Miladysa said...

Phew! Have you been drinking the fizzy orange? lol

Thank you for highlighting such great causes.

Scott from Oregon said...

....and yes I said yes I said yes!

ChristineEldin said...

I didn't know that was happening to Dave K.
He provides such a wonderful, valuable service to writers. I hope he gets through this.

Bernita said...

Now I understand the genesis of some of my spam e-mails!

Billy said...

TC, thanks for stopping by.

Miladysa, I have been a fan of Stream of c. since high school aftervreading James Joyce :)

Scott, I knew there was a Molly Bloom inside you trying to get out -:)

Christine, I guess it's surprising that it didn't happen earlier to Dave, but I can't imagine a writing community without him.

Bernita, not only do I get spam about breast enlargement, but also about Russian mail order brides. Everything old becomes new again, as the saying goes???

Sarah Hina said...

So that was you! Impudent boy...

(Like most Leos, I assume everything is about me.)

Mark Twain hated Jane Austen.


I have nothing else to say about the man...or errant balls.

Billy said...

Sarah, you caught me acting goofy -:) Guilty, your honor!

SandyCarlson said...

You make it look easy, Billy, which is to say you're very good at it because it isn't easy at all. Lots of personality here and longing. Makes me think of Beckett.

Billy said...

Sandy, I was really taken with Joyce many years ago. I haven't done much of SOC lately because there's no real market for it, but it is still fun to "try." Thanks for stopping by!

Casdok said...

Thank you for the mention! :)