Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Pebble of Bone

There’s a man walking down the road
of gravel and regret.
Old and tired,
he’s bone-weary from miles
of hoping that his next footfall
will see a blue lake
or an early grave—
either would be okay
if he could just stop measuring time
with steps that began in Eden.

I look from my cabin window
and he is gone.
Until I look more carefully, that is,
and hear the gravel shuffled and ground
with a cadence of glaciers shaving creation down.
Like everyone before him,
he has become the road.
I go outside and pick up
a pebble of bone, a reminder
that we, too, carry the sins of the world.

Pic: Creative Commons 2.5
PS. Please note that Chapter and Verse is still open for business :)


MyBellavia said...

Such is our story. Thanks for the reminder.

So nice to hear from you again.

Geraldine said...

You have been missed Billy! I hope you find the time to post here on a more regular basis.

This work is excellent. I felt that I was there with you, watching this man. Very authentic and evocative.

Lana Gramlich said...

Stunning poem, Billy. Just wonderful. Quite evocative!

I don't know if you're familiar with Slidell's "Arts Evening," but I'll be displaying my work there this year. Details are on my blog. Would love to formally meet you, if you're free. Just a thought...

Raven said...

So nice to have you and your wonderful poetry back. I especially love the last 5 lines of this one.

writtenwyrdd said...

Lovely, Billy!

Billy said...

Janice, thanks for stopping by!

Geraldine, you're too kind!!! Thanks.

Lana, when is Arts Evening? I'm so busy watching political shows, I lost my life :)

Raven, I hope to get back to posting. Nice to hear from you again!

Written, Thank you kindly :)

Charles Gramlich said...

"Gravel and regret." Great alliteration. Loved this. Very powerful.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Great poem. glad you're back - I had given up!

Casdok said...

So very true.
I love it!

Jo said...

Yes, I have missed reading your poetry! I loved this line:

cadence of glaciers shaving creation down.

and really like the idea behind this poem.

paisley said...

how nice to hear from you... this was so nice,, so what i am feeling today without the morbidity,,, just such cleverly chosen words....

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed that, Billy. We do become the road. To see our paths that way would connect our reality with all who have gone before. That could be transformative.

Billy said...

Charles, I added that line when revising. I wanted simple lines but felt the poem needed a little ... gravel in its language.

Diane, don't ever give up, LOL Plus I'm Batman.

Casdok, Thanks!!!!

Jo, hey there! Good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! (I think it's a good line too ;)

paisley, glad you made it over. Hope you feel better. I've read your blogs. Hang in there !!!

Sandy, the poem took a turn when I ended it. Became a bit mystical. Thanks! (New pic since I last saw you. Nice glasses LOL)

Sarah Hina said...

So happy to see you return with a poem, Billy. I've missed your work.

I love the cadence of glaciers shaving creation down. The man worn into the road we walk on. Time is the ultimate, dogged pressure. And it can sometimes feel like we never arrive at a destination.

Magnificent as usual, Billy.

JP/deb said...

I feel the weight of this poem ... what a feast of word and imagery. JP/deb

Billy said...

Sarah, thanks for such an insightful comment.

Deb, yeah, that's it exactly that comes through here--weight. Thanks!

Miladysa said...

This reads as though it should be set to music :D

Billy said...

Miladysa, interesting take! I commision you for the musical score :)

S.L. Corsua said...

Epic. The ending hits me with a resounding boom-bang. ;) You've been missed, Billy. (You have a long list right above my name, including me.) By the way, Publexicon is a goldmine; I enjoy sauntering there. Cheers.

Miladysa said...

If only a could write a note LOL

Many thanks for the link on your new blog - very much appreciated :D I feel awful letting you know that it links to a rogue site rather than my blog - I think you have put an extra 's' in blogspot.

Billy said...

s. l. --thanks. Glad you like Publexicon as well. It has lots of goodies!

Miladysa, thanks--and problem solved with the link. A typo.

SnoopMurph said...

Hi Billy,

Welcome back and congrats on Publexicon-what an amazing place to visit and find resources! I have it bookmarked and cannot wait to spend more time there.

Bone-weary registered for me only because that's how I felt today....but the second half is truly outstanding. So glad you are back!

Billy said...

Linda, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like Publexicon -:)